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Ayman Al Haj Zen

Visiting Scientist

Rina Ariga

Visiting Academic Clinical Lecturer

Houman Ashrafian

Visiting Professor of Experimental Therapeutics

Naeimeh Atabaki Pasdar

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Abhirup Banerjee

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Mark Crabtree

Visiting Scientist

Katja Gehmlich

Visiting Scientist

Stephen Gough

Visiting Professor of Diabetes

Ian Hsu

DPhil (PhD) Student

Amjad Khan

Academic Visitor

Adam Lewandowski

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Science

Demin Li

Visiting Scientist

Elena Lukaschuk

Image Analyst

Gerton Lunter

Visiting Professor in Computational Biology and Artificial Intelligence

Reshma Ramracheya

Visiting Scientist

Matthew Robson

Visiting Scientist

Christopher Rodgers

Visiting Scientist

William Watson

Visiting Scientist

Sam West

Postdoctoral Researcher

Michael Bruce Zimmermann

Visiting Professor of Human Nutrition