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Amanda Adler

Professor of Diabetic Medicine and Health Policy

Charalambos Antoniades

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Adrian Banning

Professor of Interventional Cardiology

Timothy Betts

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Shoumo Bhattacharya

British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Jacqueline Boultwood

Professor of Molecular Haematology

Alastair Buchan

Professor of Stroke Medicine

Ricardo Carnicer

University Research Lecturer

Barbara Casadei

British Heart Foundation (BHF) Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Ronjon Chakraverty

Professor of Haematology

Keith Channon

Field Marshal Earl Alexander Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Ross Chapman

Associate Professor, CRUK CDF, Lister Fellow & EMBO Young Investigator

Robin Choudhury

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Constantinos Christodoulides

University Research Lecturer

Yvonne Couch

Associate Professor of Neuroimmunology

Mark Crabtree

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Biochemistry

Nicola Curry

Associate Professor of Haematology

James Davies

Associate Professor of Genomics

Simon Davis

Professor of Molecular Immunology

Marella de Bruijn

Professor of Developmental Haematopoiesis

Tao Dong

Professor of Immunology

Gillian Douglas

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Science

Hal Drakesmith

Professor of Iron Biology

Christian Eggeling

Professor of Molecular Immunology

Lise Estcourt

Associate Professor of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine

Vanessa Ferreira

British Heart Foundation (BHF) Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Gary Ford

Professor of Stroke Medicine

Richard Gibbons

Professor of Clinical Genetics

Deborah Gill

Professor of Gene Medicine

Anne Goriely

Associate Professor of Human Genetics

Benoit Hastoy

Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Research Fellow

Douglas Higgs

Emeritus Professor

Leanne Hodson

Professor of Metabolic Physiology

Jim Hughes

Professor of Gene Regulation

Stephen Hyde

Professor of Molecular Therapy

David Jackson

Professor of Human Immunology

Sten Eirik W. Jacobsen

Bass Professor of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

Paul Johnson

Director of Oxford Islet Isolation and Islet Transplant Programmes and ...

Fredrik Karpe

Professor of Metabolic Medicine

James Kennedy

Associate Professor of Geratology & Stroke Medicine

David Kerr

Professor of Cancer Medicine

Rajesh Kharbanda

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Usha Kini

Associate Professor of Genomic Medicine

Hashem Koohy

Associate Professor of Systems Immunology

Paul Leeson

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Adam Lewandowski

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Science

Craig Lygate

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology

Masliza Mahmod

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

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