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The RDM Career Development Committee (CDC) aims to support the career development of all staff and students across RDM. The CDC plays a key role in raising awareness of career opportunities across the department, in providing training and support at key career transitions (eg postdoc to independent researcher) and in championing career development.

The CDC reports to the Athena Swan Self Assessment Team and is responsible for delivering a number of actions in the Athena Swan Silver Action Plan. The CDC is chaired by Professor Leanne Hodson, Professor of Metabolic Physiology (OCDEM). The CDC membership is balanced across the divisions within RDM and also represents people from all staff groupings within the department. By structuring the CDC in this way, we hope that local ideas and priorities will be fed up to the CDC. Alternatively, if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for the CDC, please feel free to email them to:


Division of RDM


Prof Leanne Hodson


PIs, Chair of the CDC

Dr Dannielle Wellington


RDM Researcher Association

Dr Andrew Armitage



Prof Alison Banham



Dr Simona Valletta


Intermediate Fellows

Dr Fabio Sanna



Dr Cecilia Poli


Administrative staff

Dr Ruth McCaffrey


Administrative staff

Ms Charlotte Smith


Athena SWAN

Mapping researcher's career paths

The CDC have led a project to better understand the journey from PhD student to PI.