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Understanding the fundamental biology that drives embryonic development and tissue maintenance provides the basis of much of our research into blood diseases, the cardiovascular system and rare genetic conditions.

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Live image of a transgenic zebrafish embryo expressing Rpl10a, a ribosomal protein, fused to Cerulean fluorescent protein.

We employ a raft of expertise in single cell biology, gene editing and high resolution imaging to tease apart the key players in stem, progenitor and precursor cell differentiation. Our expertise in induced pluripotent stem cells drives many of our research programmes. Ultimately, we aim to translate findings from our model systems into novel treatments.

We are major contributors to the Oxford Stem Cell Institute and lead the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Haematology and Stem Cells Theme. We are  and are key players in the Oxford Developmental Biology Group . 

Groups within this theme

Oxford Stem Cell Institute

We are major contributors to the Oxford Stem Cell Institute.