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Nkemjika Abiakam

Clinical Trial Manager

Bradley Allen

Research Technician

Christian Babbs

Head of Genome Engineering/Principal Investigator in RDM

Amy Barrett

Technical Manager

Tanzeem Begum

Clinical Trial Monitor

James Brown

Laboratory Manager

Sharon Bye

Health Care Assistant (Research)

Emily Castells

Research Assistant

Huei-Wen Chuang

Mass Cytometry Specialist

Kevin Clark

Flow Cytometry Specialist

Sally-Ann Clark

Flow Cytometry Specialist

Fay Croft

Senior Data Manager

Rebecca Dean

Research Assistant

Timothy Dent

Specialist Nurse in Inherited Cardiac Conditions

Jonathan Denton

Lead Interventional/CT Radiographer

Pamela Dyson

Research Dietitian

Hayley Evans

BTRU Programme Manager, Data Driven Transfusion Practice

Candida Fenton

Information Specialist

Lucy Finnigan

Postdoctoral Researcher

Simon Fisher

NIHR-BHF Cardiovascular Partnership Manager

Alex Fower

Research Assistant

Neil Fox

MRI Radiographer

John Frankland

Sequencing Technician

Charlotte Frazer-Morris

Research Technician

Mei Fun Lau

Data Manager

Angela Garrett

Head of Operations, Diabetes Trials Unit

Christopher Grace


Maria Greco

Single Cell Facility Manager

Vanessa Gregory

Head of Informatics, Diabetes Trials Unit

Chris Groves

MRC MHU Laboratory Manager

Marcin Grzegorczyk

Operations Manager

Thomas Halborg

Image Analyst

Matthew Husband

Laboratory Support

Casey Johnson

Clinical Project Manager

Elspeth Johnson

Research Technician

Mary Kasongo

Clinical Research Nurse

Mohammad Kazeroun

Research Assistant in Computational Biology

Yvonne Kenworthy

Senior Clinical Research Manager

Stella Khenia

Applications Programmer

Siavash Khodambashi

Applications Programmer

Sam Krasner

Clinical Research Assistant

Catherine Krasopoulos

CVM Lead Research Nurse

Elina Kuznecova

Research Assistant

Jennifer Lawson

Senior Trial Manager

Chrisha Ledesma

AMIIC Clinical Lead Nurse

Sadia Malik

Biomarker Specialist

Diana Mantripp

Research Nurse

Sarah Mayes

Research Assistant

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