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Getting the right work-life balance in today's society can be a struggle. RDM understands that our staff are our greatest asset. Below we have some information to help you get the right balance between work and your life outside work.

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Family Friendly Policies

The University and RDM has a number of family friendly benefits such as enhanced maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave that allow parents and people with dependents to get the right balance for them between their work and home life.

Managing your workload

To avoid work-related stress and other related conditions it is important to effectively manage your workload. This is best done through honest and clear communication with your line manager, but can also form part of your Personal Development Review meetings. The University People and Organisational Development website also has a dedicated set of courses tailored to workload management that are available free to employees.

RDM supports a culture that is inclusive and supportive of all members, including those with caring responsibilities and those who work flexibly for other reasons. We are proud to be a family friendly department, and are committed to creating a working environment that offers opportunities for working parents/carers to achieve their professional goals and develop their careers without having a detrimental effect on family life. To support this, we have a range of family friendly policies and practices including maternity, paternity and adoption leave, shared parental leave and unpaid parental leave,  flexible/part-time working and strongly encouraging scheduling meetings within core hours (9.30 a.m. -2.30 p.m.).  Many of our staff work flexibly, with arrangements managed informally or formally.

Help and Support

As employees of the University there are a number of ways in which the University can support you in times of need, such as work-related stress. Our Health and Well-being pages have information regarding the University Occupational Health Service who have lots of helpful information on their webpages but can also help more directly through counselling and other related activities.


Supporting you to feel and perform at your best as part of the University community. The University is committed to creating an environment where "everybody is supported to feel and perform at their best as part of the University community". Please use the resources listed on the University Wellbeing webpages to help look after yourself and your colleagues.

Taking annual leave

Most University employees will have 38 days annual leave inclusive of public holidays and any fixed days of closure (pro rata if part-time). For your specific entitlement please refer to your contract or contact your admin team. Taking your annual leave is very important as it allows you to take time away from work and relax, making you more productive in the long-term. More information about annual leave is available here.

Things to do in Oxford

The University has an excellent page on things going on in and around Oxford: from Clubs and Societies to join, such as the Oxford Research Staff Society, through to events and festivals, courses, lectures as well as information on the museums, parks and gardens.

As a member of the University access to some of these are free or available at a discounted rate, information regarding this is available on our discounts and access webpage.

The University also has a set of events that are open to the general public ranging from lectures, to performances and sporting events.

Work + Family Space

Offering access to emergency back-up childcare and adultcare, a 'speak to an expert' phone line and a wide range of guides and webinars through a website called the Work + Family space. University employees can register for free with the Work + Family Space (formerly My Family Care) to access support on family related issues.