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Most of our students, whether basic scientists or clinical fellows, are fully funded. The department is able to offer full funding at a generous level for basic scientists and our Principal Investigators have considerable experience in supporting clinicians in their applications for Clinical Research Fellowships (CRF).

Our flagship RDM Scholars Programme provides fully funded four-year scholarships for basic science students. The programme is open to outstanding candidates of any nationality. © Martin Phelps

Funding for Basic Scientists

The deadline for applications for any Oxford-administered scholarships, including the RDM Scholars Programme and the WIMM Prize Studentship, has now passed.

We continue to accept applications for places and prospective applicants are strongly advised to contact their prospective supervisor in advance of making an application to ensure availability of research opportunities.

We advise you to submit your application as soon as possible. This allows more time to complete all admissions processes and makes it easier to find a college place. You should be aware that applications received before the funding deadline of 8 January will be processed prior to any later applications being considered.

The latest date you can apply for a place for October 2021 entry is July 2021 (date to be confirmed).

You can find full details on the application process in the University’s application guide.

RDM Scholars Programme

Our flagship funding programme provides a number of fully-funded four-year scholarships for basic science students. The programme is open to any outstanding candidates. The RDM Scholars Programme is advertised each October for students who want to start the following October. All applications received by the 8 January deadline will automatically be considered for this programme and no funding code is required.

WIMM Prize Studentships

The MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, which is one of the constituent institutes of RDM, has a number of scholarships available to students of any nationality.


The University of Oxford offers a number of scholarships to Chinese students who demonstrate both academic excellence and leadership potential jointly with the China Scholarship Council (on behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Education).

Applicants who meet the CSC criteria can apply for the CSC match funded scheme.  

  • CSC-RDM award: CSC and RDM each pay 50% of tuition fees and 50% of a RCUK rate stipend. RDM will also top up the stipend to the RDM Scholars Programme rate (currently £18,000)
  • CSC-Oxford University award: the CSC and Oxford University each pay 50% of tuition fees and 50% of the RCUK rate. RDM students on this scheme will also receive a stipend top up to the RDM Scholars Programme rate (currently £18,000)

Applicants intending to apply for this funding should use the funding code CSC-M by the 8 January deadline. 

CSC-CAMS/PUMC Oxford high-level innovative talent scholarships are also offered and more information can be found on the Nuffield Department of Medicine website. Students awarded these scholarships are often placed with supervisors in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine.



There are a range of other funding sources, some of which are attached to particular programmes elsewhere in the University. On many of these programmes candidates are placed within RDM to work with a supervisor here.

Funding for Clinicians

Many of the clinicians studying with us are funded through Clinical Research Fellowships (CRFs) from a range of sources, including the British Heart Foundation, the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust. Applications for CRFs are made separately, but your prospective supervisor will be happy to provide advice on the opportunities that may be available and how to make a successful application. In line with the normal duration of CRFs, clinical projects are usually structured for completion in three years.

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