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What do I need to do before and when I arrive?

The University has a suite of excellent pages that provide information for people joining the university. If you're arriving from abroad the university suggest that you look at the information on the Euraxess website for general guidance about living and working in the UK. The University Occupational Service also has webpages on Health Services in the UK.

On your first day

Finding your feet can be difficult in such a large organisation but we are here to help you through the wealth of information available. Your division will have a local induction procedure in place, as well as a set of factsheets that will contain lots of useful information. These and other induction materials are available through your admin team. Some of the more general information can be found below:

Where can I find general information?

The University has a staff gateway through which you can find links to many of the different administrative departments and sections of the University. It also has a set of dedicated pages for people who are new to the University providing a general introduction. The RDM website and your induction factsheets will also provide you with useful information.

Travel & Transportation

RDM is split over the John Radcliffe and Churchill hospital sites. The Investigative Medicine Division (IMD), Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NDCLS) and the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM) and part of the Cardiovascular Medicine Division (CVM) can be found at the John Radcliffe Hospital

The Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM) and part of the Cardiovascular Medicine Division (CVM), in the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, is found at the Churchill Hospital.

There is a shuttle bus between the two sites that is available for staff with an NHS card.

For transport between Headington and the University Science Area, there is also a shuttle bus that departs from the Old Road Campus. Please see here for more details.

The Oxford University Newcomers' Club

The Oxford University Newcomers' Club is an organization, run by volunteers, whose aim is to help the newly-arrived wives, husbands or partners of visiting scholars, of graduate students and of newly appointed academic members of the University to settle in and to give them the opportunity to meet people in Oxford.

Help with finding housing

The University has a list of private housing that any member of the university can register for.