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Please see our selection criteria for the DPhil in Medical Sciences for advice on eligibility.

We accept applications from candidates of all nationalities.

If you wish to be considered for department/University funding schemes, such as the RDM Scholars Programme or the WIMM Prize Studentship, you need to ensure that your application is received and complete by the January deadline.

If you have your own funding in place, eg funding from your home government or a clinical fellowship, you can usually apply later in the year, but you should consult our main How to Apply page for information on closure dates. We advise applying as early as you can to allow for all admissions processes to be completed in good time. 

We consider all applications for funded places together in January, so your application will not be treated differently if you apply early. However, you need to submit all relevant documents and references by the deadline in order for your application to be considered. We therefore recommend you apply as soon as you are ready.    

If you are not applying for a funded place, you are more likely to get a place at your first choice college if you apply earlier in the year.

Please see our selection criteria for the DPhil in Medical Sciences for advice on how your application will be judged.

You can apply for up to three different supervisors in any areas covered by the department. If you are applying for both the RDM Scholars Programme and the WIMM Prize Studentship you can apply for up to three different supervisors for each scheme. Please take into consideration that your application will be judged in part on your motivation to undertake research and it may be difficult to show a consistent motivation if the supervisors for which you are applying are thematically diverse.

We select students for admission without regard to gender, marital or civil partnership status, disability, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, age or social background.    

Applications for the RDM Scholars Programme and WIMM Prize Studentships are highly competitive and offers are made on the basis of available funding. We may be unable to make you an offer simply because other applicants were stronger.    

We are also only able to make offers when we have adequate supervision available. This may mean that we are unable to make you an offer because your preferred supervisor is unable to take on further students in a given year.

No, you can apply to as many programmes as you like in Oxford; we will not take this into account when your application to RDM is assessed. Note that you will normally need to pay the application fee for each other programme for which you apply.

Yes. You are welcome to reapply. It will help your application if you can clearly demonstrate why your circumstances and qualifications have changed. Please contact your prospective supervisor for advice.

Yes, all graduate students are required by University Regulations to reside within 25 miles of Oxford for a minimum of six terms (two years). We expect our students to keep regular hours and work full time; it is therefore unlikely to be practical for you to be resident elsewhere.

We are not currently able to admit students to part-time degrees. It is sometimes possible to transfer to part-time study after you have started, eg if you start a family during your DPhil.