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Professor Amjad Khan

Postdoc (Oxford), DPhil (Oxford), M.Sc (Oxford)

Academic Visitor


  • Experimental Medicine and Clinical Biochemistry
  • Randomized Clinical trials

I studied DPhil at Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Chris Schofield and Prof. Tim Claridge (NMR) working on developing methodologies for target structure-based drug design approach and understanding the underlying mechanism of enzymatic functions involved in human physiology and disease condition. Prior to my DPhil, I studied  M.Sc at Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Michael Willis working on the synthesis of novel Dihydropyrimidinone (DHPM) agents.

 My research is focused on two areas;

  1. Exploring pharmacologically active agents that contribute to improvement of human immune system  against developing infection and diseases, both in acute and chronic conditions.  
  2. Understanding the clinical biochemistry, physiology and mechanism of action of human enzymes    targeted for therapeutic interventions.