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The aim of a supervisor is to guide their prospective students through their DPhil by providing assistance to their studies.

Information for supervisors © Martin Phelps

The obligations for supervisors are set out in the Code of Practice for Supervisors. The Oxford University Learning Institute provides an excellent website for supervisors. The Oxford Learning Institute also runs seminars for new and existing supervisors and has run courses within the department specifically for RDM supervisors.

DPhil supervisors must submit termly reports on their students' progess using the Graduate Supervision System (GSS). Access is via single sign on. Reports must be submitted within 2 weeks of the end of full term to allow time for them to be read by the Graduate and College Advisors. Failure to submit a termly report is viewed as a serious breach of contract and may result in a supervisor being removed from the departmental studentship competitions. The reports are an essential part of the University's commitment to proper assessment and provide an opportunity for student feedback. Problematic issues or concerns about progress should be raised at an early stage and properly documented.

The Medical Sciences Division has put together a useful resource containing information pertaining to graduate students, ranging from information for new students, to skills training, financial matters, and examination regulations. You can access this information via the Medical Sciences Graduate School WebLearn site. You will need your Oxford single sign on to get access. This information is aimed at students but is also a good resource for supervisors.