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The projects listed below were advertised in the Spring 2024 round of recruitment, which has now closed. New projects will be advertised when we open the next call for fellowship applications, in Spring 2025.


Principal Investigator Project Title
Prof Nicola Smart, Associate Prof Gillian Douglas, Prof Kim Dora, Dr Nils Rorsman1 A multi-omic 'meta-analysis' of the smooth muscle phenotypic transition in vascular disease to identify disease-promoting mechanisms, prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets.
Prof Molly Stevens, Prof Paul Riley, Prof Georg Holländer 2 Engineering human cardiac organoids at scale to accelerate in vitro cardiovascular research
Dr Sally Cowley, Dr Kevin Gonzales1 Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived microglial systems of the hypothalamus for high-throughput target discovery in obesity
Prof Angela Russell, Dr Jorge Correia1 Ligand-directed two-step labelling: a new technology to map the trafficking and interactome of GLUT4
Prof Philip Torr, Associate Prof Jesper Ferkinghoff-Borg1, Dr Robert Kitchen1, Dr Cesar Medina1
Navigating the genetic perturbation landscape: Multi-modal, causal representation learning for target discovery.
Dr Ioannis Akoumianakis, Prof Charalambos Antoniades 2 Reprograming insulin signalling in the human cardiovascular system
Prof Zameel Cader, Prof Laura Parkkinen, Prof David Ray, Dr Robert Kitchen1, Dr Cesar Medina1
Single cell biology of the human hypothalamus in obesity and hypertension
Prof David Ray, Prof Stuart Peirson, Prof Aiden Doherty, Prof David Hodson, Dr Wei Gan1
Sleep and circadian regulation of cardiometabolic disease
Prof Shoumo Bhattacharya, Associate Prof Gillian Douglas, Prof Claudia Monaco, Dr Luke Payne1, Dr Nils Rorsman1
Targeting the chemokine network in metabolic inflammation
Prof Claudia Monaco,
Dr Lea Dib, Prof Ashok Handa, Dr Luke Payne1, Dr Giorgio Caratti1, Dr Charlotte Daly1, Dr Alexey Epanchintsev1
Targeting the transition to inflammatory lipid-associated macrophages in CVD

1 supervisor from Novo Nordisk Denmark or Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford

2 A scientist from Novo Nordisk will be assigned as a mentor to this project