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The projects listed below were advertised in the Spring 2018 round of recruitment, which has now closed. New projects will be advertised when we open the next call for fellowship applications, in Spring 2019.

Principal Investigator Project Title
Prof Charalambos Antoniades and Prof Barbara Casadei Adipose tissue-derived microRNAs as therapeutic targets in obesity-related atrial fibrillation
Prof Damian Tyler Exploring the metabolic interactions between the heart, liver and kidneys in type 2 diabetes using hyperpolarized magnetic resonance
Dr Costas Christodoulides, Dr Ben Davies and Prof Mark McCarthy Genetic insights into the role of brown adipose tissue in human metabolic disease
Prof Mark McCarthy and Prof Cecilia Lindgren Improved strategies for stratification of disease risk, subtype and therapeutic response in type 2 diabetes and obesity
Prof Vladyslav Vyazovskiy, Prof Stuart Peirson and Dr James Cantley Investigating the relationship between glucose homeostasis and torpor in mice
Dr Michael Pavlides, Prof Stefan Neubauer and Prof Leanne Hodson Investigating the role of oxidative stress and insulin resistance in NAFLD progression with advanced MR techniques and stable-isotope tracers
Prof Jeremy Tomlinson, Dr Garry Tan and Prof Leanne Hodson Optimizing glycaemic control to improve non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
Prof Frances Ashcroft and Prof Patrik Rorsman Regulation of delta-cell pancreatic secretion in health and disease

Towards the end of each calendar year, we have an annual call for project proposals. Any Principal Investigator based at the University of Oxford with an interest in diabetes and metabolism can submit a project for consideration. Please contact Dr Serena Briant if you have any questions about submitting a project. The Joint Steering Committee will then select the best projects.