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The projects listed below were advertised in the Spring 2023 round of recruitment, which has now closed. New projects will be advertised when we open the next call for fellowship applications, in Spring 2024.


Principal Investigator Project Title
Associate Professor Sridhar Vasudevan, Professor Russell Foster, Associate Professor Aarti Jagannath Mechanistic investigation of a circadian clock enhancer in treatment of obesity
Professor Benedikt Kessler, Dr Maria Kaisar, Professor Rutger Ploeg, Dr Charlotte Daly* A systems biology approach to investigate the impact of metabolic dysregulation on heart and kidney cytoskeletons
Associate Professor Mathilda Mommersteeg, Professor Robin Choudhury A unique angle to discover novel mechanisms in cardiovascular protection 
Associate Professor Ming Lei, Professor Hugh Watkins, Dr Yingjie Wang, Dr Ekaterina Yonova-Doing*, Dr Ghazaleh Fatemifar* An integrative genetic and experimental study of mitochondrial oxidative stress in hypertrophic heart disease  
Professor Ana Domingos, Professor Richard Wade-Martins, Dr Mootaz Salman, Dr Alexey Epanchintsev*, Dr Tom Meek*
Development of in vitro systems based on Human iPSC-derived sympathetic neurons for the understanding of obesity-induced sympathetic neuropathy, and the leptin setpoint
Associate Professor Naveed Akbar, Professor Robin Choudhury Diagnostics of extracellular vesicles in acute myocardial infarction 
Professor Sarah De Val, Associate Professor Gillian Douglas, Dr Luke Payne*
Discovery of novel atherosclerosis targets through delineating the arterial gene regulatory pathways that change in response to pathological cardiovascular stimuli
Professor Pawel Swietach, Professor Thomas Milne, Dr Marie Schroeder*, Dr Thomas Monfeuga*, Dr Mar González Ramírez*, Dr Ekaterina Yonova-Doing*, Dr Nils Rorsman* 
Implementing an in vitro human cardiomyocyte platform to characterise and control transcriptional responses evoked by changes in histone acylation driven by disturbed propionyl-CoA in cardiometabolic disease
Professor Ruth Baker, Professor Paul Riley, Professor Sarah Waters, Dr Maxwell Ruby*
Investigating the mechanisms of human fibrosis across organ systems
Professor Barbara Casadei, Professor Jemma Hopewell
Understanding the mechanisms of atrial fibrillation in diabetes using human tissue resources, animal models, and big data

*supervisor from Novo Nordisk Denmark or Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford