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The projects listed below were advertised in the Spring 2017 round of recruitment, which has now closed. New projects will be advertised when we open the next call for fellowship applications, in Spring 2018.

Principal Investigators

Project title

Prof Mark McCarthy, Associate Prof Cecilia Lindgren, Prof Gil McVean

Defining novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets for type 2 diabetes through genetic analysis in massive human data sets
Associate Prof Cecilia Lindgren, Prof Roger Cox Determining potential causal mechanisms by genetic fine mapping, genomic annotation and functional characterization at obesity and fat distribution loci
Associate Prof Charalambos Antoniades, Prof Keith Channon Exploring a novel signalling in "dysfunctional" adipose tissue, mediating the cardiovascular complications of diabetes
Dr Reshma Ramracheya, Dr John Ryan, Prof Patrik Rorsman Exploring the relationship between DPP-IV inhibition and PYY mediated control of hyperglycaemia
Prof Frances Ashcroft How does chronic hyperglycaemia impair beta-cell metabolism and thereby induce loss of both beta-cell function and beta-cell mass?
Dr Rustam Rea, Dr Alistair Lumb, Dr Garry Tan, Prof Jim Davies, Prof Mihaela van der Schaar Personalisation of glycaemic regimes to reduce in-hospital hypoglycaemia
Associate Prof Leanne Hodson, Prof Fredrik Karpe, Dr Katherine Pinnick Understanding the insulin-sensitising role of the lipokine palmitoleate: investigations using human in vivo and in vitro cellular models

If you would like to apply for a fellowship position, you must list up to three projects as part of your supporting statement, in your application. You should rank the projects in order of preference and clearly state the reasons for selecting those particular projects.

Towards the end of each calendar year, we have an annual call for project proposals. Any Principal Investigator based at the University of Oxford with an interest in diabetes and metabolism can submit a project for consideration. Please contact Dr Serena Briant if you have any questions about submitting a project. The Joint Steering Committee will then select the best projects.