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The projects listed below were advertised in the Spring 2022 round of recruitment, which has now closed. New projects will be advertised when we open the next call for fellowship applications, in Spring 2023.

Principal Investigator Project Title
Associate Prof Mathilda Mommersteeg and Prof Robin Choudhury
A unique angle to discover novel mechanisms in cardiovascular protection
Associate Prof Ming Lei, Prof Hugh Watkins, Dr Yingjie Wang, Dr Ghazaleh Fatemifar*, Dr Wei Gan* and Dr Joanna Howson* An integrative genetic and experimental study of hypertrophic heart disease
Prof Zameel Cader and Dr Robert Kitchen* Brain intercellular signalling in diabetic neuropathology: integrating single cell 'omics with human iPSC neuro-vascular models to reveal therapeutic opportunities
Dr Susie ShapiroProf Robin Choudhury and Prof Adam Mead Clinical utility and biological impact of clonal haematopoiesis in cardiovascular disease
Prof Angela Russell and Dr Max Ruby* Elucidating the molecular basis of PPAR γ transcriptional plasticity by ligand dependent microenvironment mapping
Prof Zhengming Chen and Dr Joanna Howson* Genomic approaches to improve understanding of T2D molecular phenotypes, mechanisms, and development of major complications in diverse populations
Associate Prof Alejo Nevado-HolgadoDr Joanna Howson*, Dr Sile Hu* and Dr Robert Kitchen* Integrating genetics and deep neural networks to identify future drug targets for cardiometabolic disease
Prof David Hodson and Dr Carina Ämmälä* Leveraging the cell cytoskeleton to produce GLP1R agonists with improved efficacy for beta cell preservation, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis resolution and gene therapy
Associate Prof Lisa HeatherProf Angela Russell and Dr Tom Durrant* Metabolic control of hypoxia sensing in the diabetic heart
Associate Prof Ladislav ValkovičAssociate Prof Oliver Rider and Prof Damian Tyler Muscle like muscle? Uncovering the links between impairment in cardiac and skeletal muscle metabolism in heart failure using in vivo magnetic resonance
Associate Prof Gillian Douglas, Associate Prof Sarah De Val, Dr Anuj GoelProf Keith Channon and Dr Joanna Howson* Targeting novel coronary artery disease-related genes for therapeutic intervention

*supervisor from the Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford