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We use state of the art techniques to interrogate the intricacies of our body’s response to pathogens, cancer and non-communicable diseases. We have particular strengths in T cell signaling, the innate immune system and therapeutic antibody development – particularly in oncology and against pathogens. We have forged strong links with clinical medicine to accelerate translation of laboratory studies into therapeutic strategies.

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The MRC Translational Immune Discovery Unit, part of the MRC WIMM, acts as a hub for our immunology, oncology and infection research and integrates genetics, vaccinology and structural biology to drive translational research in a range of diseases. The Wolfson Imaging Centre enables super-resolution imaging of the immune system at work and allows us to tease apart mechanisms of disease.

Our research is embedded within the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre’s Gastroenterology and Mucosal Immunity Theme and Multi-Modal Cancer Therapies Theme. We also play a central role in ‘Oxford Immunology’ and in the 'Immuno-Oncology Working Group', two cross cutting communities of Immunologists in Oxford.

Groups within this theme

Oxford Immunology Group

The Oxford Immunology Group is a regional group of the British Society for Immunology.