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The Graduate Studies Committee meets termly to discuss all matters relating to graduate studies in the department.


Chair of Committee, RDM Director of Graduate Studies and Director of Graduate Studies WIMM-NDCLS

Prof Marella de Bruijn, RDM, WIMM/NDCLS

Head of Department

Prof Keith Channon, RDM

Local Directors of Graduate Study

Prof Simon Davis, IMD

Prof Shoumo Bhattacharya, CVM

Prof Damian Tyler, CVM

Prof Leanne Hodson, OCDEM

RDM Strategic

Dr Jane Sherwood, Head of Administration and Finance, RDM 

Dr Jill Walker, Graduate Studies Manager, RDM


Joel Atkins, Business Manager, CVM

Jo Hovard, Business Manager, IMD

Dr Stella Keeble, Administrator, WIMM

Dr Mark Evans, Business Manager, OCDEM

Lee-Anne Stork, Business Manager, NDCLS

Graduate Student Representatives

Lewis Timms, CVM

Tafadzwa Kufazvinei, CVM

Skills Training for DPhil Students

Our DPhil students have access to a range of professional development opportunities.