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We seek to understand the causes of diseases of the blood and other malignancies, from a molecular to systems level, with a focus on blood cancers, rare inherited conditions and the tumour microenvironment. We use and develop innovative techniques to drive research in this area, and are committed to bringing about change in clinical diagnosis and practice. Our pathologists discovered many of the biomarkers now used routinely in clinical practice, translate laboratory findings into clinical tests and are developing digital pathology initiatives.

None © Emanuele Azzoni, de Bruijn Lab
Intricacies of the blood vasculature system: this image shows a three-dimensional reconstruction of the vasculature system of a mouse embryo at 10 days of gestation.

The MRC Molecular Haematology Unit is a flagship centre dedicated to understanding the genesis of mature blood cells and how this process is perturbed in blood diseases. The haematopoietic system also provides a perfect model for our researchers to probe cell fate decisions and gene regulation – with consequences for other tissues. We use the very latest technologies, including gene editing, to manipulate this delicate system in the hunt for new treatments.

Our work is embedded within the NHS –through the Departments of Clinical Hematology and Pathology in the Oxford University Hospitals Trust and the work of our Transfusion Medicine Team, part of NHS Blood and Transplant. We also lead the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre’s Blood Theme.

Groups within this theme

NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre

We lead the Haematology and Stem Cells Theme for the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre.