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Mark Crabtree

BSc (Hons), PhD

Visiting Scientist

  • British Heart Foundation Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow

Mark Crabtree is a British Heart Foundation Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow and became a Group Leader and University Research Lecturer within the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine in 2015. His research group focuses on understanding the mechanisms of nitric oxide and redox signalling in molecular models of cardiovascular disease.  

He began his postdoctoral research with Professor Keith Channon in 2006 and he held an internal University of Oxford British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence Transition Fellowship (2012-2015). Mark did a collaborative PhD with the University of Surrey and Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City, having completed his BSc at the University of Surrey in 2001.  

Mark is an active council member for the Nitric Oxide Society and is the meeting Chair for the International Nitric Oxide Society Conference being held in Oxford in in 2018.

His research interests focus on metabolomic and proteomic approaches to understand the impact of redox alterations in molecular and mouse models of cardiovascular homeostasis and disease.