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Research opportunities within the Radcliffe Department of Medicine are shown below. Further opportunities will be added in the course of the next few weeks.

Chakraverty Group - Immunotherapy Ronjon Chakraverty
Antoniades Group - Translational cardiovascular research: cross-talk between adipose tissue and the cardiovascular system in humans Charalambos Antoniades
Bhattacharya Group - Therapeutic targeting of chemokines in inflammation Shoumo Bhattacharya
Douglas Group - Functional coronary artery disease genetics Gillian Douglas
Choudhury Group - Innate immune function in atherosclerosis and acute myocardial infarction Robin Choudhury
Hodson Group - Human liver fat metabolism and metabolic disease Leanne Hodson
Karpe Group - Human fat distribution and metabolic disease Fredrik Karpe
Leeson Group - Imaging in Preventive Cardiology Research Paul Leeson
Lygate Group - Cardiac energetics & integrative physiology Craig Lygate
Piechnik Group - Myocardial functional T1 mapping – Advanced cardiac magnetic resonance imaging techniques Stefan Piechnik
Ray Group - Circadian control of energy metabolism and inflammation David Ray
Reilly Group - Adverse myocardial remodelling in cardiac fibrosis and atrial fibrillation Svetlana Reilly
Tzima Group - Go with the flow---the why and how of cardiovascular disease Ellie Tzima
Watkins Group – Genetics of inherited cardiovascular disease Hugh Watkins
Thakker Group - Academic Endocrine Unit Rajesh Thakker
Dong Group - Human T Cell responses against viruses and cancer Tao Dong
Drakesmith Group - Iron Biology Hal Drakesmith
Goriely Group - Clinical Genetics, De Novo Mutations and Human Disease Anne Goriely
Higgs Group - Laboratory of Gene Regulation Douglas Higgs
Mead Group: Haematopoietic Stem Cell Biology Adam Mead
Morrissey Group - Quantitative biology of cell fate and tissue dynamics Edward Morrissey
Porcher Group – Molecular dissection of blood cell fate determination Catherine Porcher
Psaila Group - Megakaryocytes, platelets and Malignant Bone Marrow Fibrosis Bethan Psaila
Rehwinkel Group - Innate Immunity, Nucleic Acid Sensing during Virus Infection Jan Rehwinkel
Vyas Group - Normal and Leukaemic Blood Stem/Progenitor Cell Biology Paresh Vyas
Nerlov Group - Hematopoietic Stem Cell Genetics Claus Nerlov
Patel Group - Origins of Genotoxic metabolism and the DNA damage response in stem and cancer cells KJ Patel
Christodoulides Group– Deciphering the role of white and brown adipocytes in metabolic disease. Constantinos Christodoulides
Davies Group – Genomics and Genome Editing James Davies
Hughes Group - Gene Regulation and Human Disease Jim Hughes
Milne Group - Epigenetics and Gene Regulation in Leukaemia Thomas Milne
Davis Group - T-cell Biology Simon Davis
Chapman Group - Genome Diversification in Cancer and Adaptive Immunity Ross Chapman