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Grading Procedure

The University uses the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) job evaluation scheme to underpin its pay and grading structure. Job descriptions for staff employed in Grades 1-10 are all HERA evaluated when the post is first graded.

Regrading procedure

Staff in post may request that their post be reviewed if there have been changes to the role that would affect the grade of the job (usually an increase in duties and/or responsibilities). Applications to be regraded can be submitted at any time and may arise from either the department or an individual. Applications require a simple form that specifies the key reasons for the regrading request, and provides for departmental comments to be made. Applications also require an up-to-date job description and an organisational chart, with both documents agreed between the member of staff, their line manager and their administrator.

It is important to remember that the University selects appropriate post gradings based upon the responsibilities and activities of the role, and not the capability of the post holder. The University operates a reward and recognition scheme for those people who have performed significantly above their grade, but who may not be eligible for a regrading of their post. 

An overview of the regrading procedure and information regarding the different grades and their expected responsibilities can be viewed online. For more information please contact your local admin team.