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There are many DPhil programmes offered by other departments within the Medical Sciences Graduate School, which place applicants with supervisors in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine. Of particular note are the programmes hosted by the Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre, which include those funded by the Wellcome Trust and the British Heart Foundation. The majority of these programmes are fully-funded.

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A summary of information on these programmes can be found below but please check the programmes' own websites for full details of eligibility, funding provision and application procedures.

Wellcome Trust 4 year PhD Programmes

The Wellcome Trust four year PhD programmes are open to students from any country, and applications and admissions are handled centrally in the University.
The first year of each programme consists of taught courses or laboratory rotations, after which the students are assigned a department and spend three years of independent research in a single laboratory (in contrast to the RDM Scholars Programme, which provides funding for four years in a single laboratory). Supervisors in RDM participate in the following themes:

  • Chromosome and Developmental Biology
  • Genomic Medicine and Statistics
  • Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine
  • OXION: Ion Channels and Disease Initiative

 DPhil in Cardiovascular Science

The DPhil in Cardiovascular Science is a four-year DPhil programme funded by the British Heart Foundation, aimed at basic science graduates. This DPhil programme provides students with a coordinated programme of post-graduate teaching in their first year and the possibility of experiencing research in more than one laboratory. This is followed by a three-year research project, under the supervision of one of the affiliated Principal Investigators.

NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars' Programme

The National Institutes of Health Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Programme is a four-year doctoral programme based in the Medical Sciences Graduate School in Oxford. Students undertake a collaborative project in biomedical research involving two supervisors – one at the NIH intramural campus in Bethesda, Maryland and one at either Oxford or Cambridge University.

The programme is primarily aimed at graduate students from the USA and interviews for admission in October are held in February in Bethesda. The NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Programme can accommodate students seeking combined MD/PhD training as the pathway to a career as a physician-scientist. Such students apply to the NIH MD/PhD Partnership Training Programme.

The Oxford programme is directed by Professor Richard Cornall, and for administrative purposes all students are admitted to the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM). However, students can apply to supervisors and projects anywhere in Oxford, including the Radcliffe Department of Medicine.

For further information on this programme and details on how to apply, please see the NDM website.

The Wellcome Trust and NIH 4-Year PhD Studentships

This scheme provides opportunities for postgraduate students from the UK or Republic of Ireland to undertake four-year PhD training based in both a UK academic institution (including Oxford) and the intramural campus of the National Institutes of Health at Bethesda (Maryland, USA).

More details are available on the Wellcome Trust and National Institutes of Health Four-year PhD Studentships website.

A*STAR-University of Oxford DPhil Programme

This scheme provides four-year scholarships consisting of two years of study at the University of Oxford and two years at a A*STAR Research Institute in Singapore. It is open to Singaporeans, Singaporean Permanent Residents and ASEAN Nationals. Applicants interested in RDM projects are welcome to contact the principal investigators.

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