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There are many DPhil programmes offered by other departments within the Medical Sciences Graduate School, which place applicants with supervisors in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine. Of particular note are the programmes hosted by the Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre, which include those funded by the Wellcome Trust and the British Heart Foundation. The majority of these programmes are fully-funded.

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MRC Enterprise iCase projects for 2024 with supervisors from the Radcliffe Department of Medicine (RDM) are be advertised on the Medical Sciences Division website.  

Successful candidates for these RDM-based projects will be enrolled on the RDM DPhil in Medical Sciences.

In order to apply for these iCase projects you must follow the instructions in the How to Apply sections on the Medical Sciences Division website and the RDM website.  

To make a formal application for one of the projects listed below, please complete the University’s online application form for the RDM DPhil in Medical Sciences. 

Please use the reference code iCASE in the funding section. You will not need to use a funding reference code for any of the other non-iCase RDM projects since they are automatically considered for the WIMM Prize and RDM Scholars Programme provided they meet the eligibility criteria

You will need to provide a CV outlining your academic achievements and relevant experience, and a personal statement (500 words max) detailing your interest and fit for the studentship. Note that no project proposal is required for the iCASE studentship applications.

You can make an application for a combination of RDM iCASE and other RDM projects using the same application form. You can name up to three RDM supervisors on an application for the RDM DPhil in Medical Sciences.



The DTC programmes are structured 4 year DPhil programmes; applications and admissions for the separate themes are handled by the DTC. The awards are generous, and although the fees are covered at the Home rate, International students who are offered places may get additional funding via a Clarendon Scholarship.

The first year of each programme consists of taught courses or laboratory rotations, after which the students are assigned a Department and spend three years of independent research in a single laboratory (in this respect, the programme differs from the RDM Scholars Programme and WIMM Prize, which are for 4 years in a single laboratory). Supervisors in the RDM participate in the following programmes:



This scheme provides four-year scholarships consisting of two years of study at the University of Oxford and two years at a A*STAR Research Institute in Singapore. It is open to Singaporeans, Singaporean Permanent Residents and ASEAN Nationals. Applicants interested in RDM projects are welcome to contact the principal investigators.


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