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Annual leave guidance

Most University employees will have 38 days annual leave inclusive of public holidays and any fixed days of closure (pro rata if part-time). For your specific entitlement please refer to your contract or contact your local personnel team. Taking your annual leave is very important as it allows you to take time away from work and relax, making you more productive in the long-term. More information about annual leave, long service entitlement and public holidays is available on the University website.

OCDEM personnel forms

For staff based in OCDEM, please see here for a list of Personnel Forms that will be useful during your time in the division.


Each Division of RDM will have its own recruitment process. Contact your local personnel team for more information on their recruitment process.

If you are in NDCLS and based in the JR then please see the NDCLS recruitment process for a step by step guide.

All members of staff who wish to sit on an interview panel within RDM must complete the compulsory Recruitment and Selection training before they are able to do so.

Sickness absence procedures

 Each divisional HR team will monitor sickness absence and will have their local procedure for doing this. Please contact your personnel team for more information on your local process.

The University has general guidance on sickness absence procedures for support staff (grades 1-5) ,  academic-related staff (grades 6 -10, RSIV/ALC6 ) and academic staff (Professors, Readers, Associate Professors)


If you are inviting a visitor to RDM or your division, please notify your local personnel team as soon as possible so that the necessary arrangements can be made well in advance of their arrival.

This applies to both internal and external visitors, as arrangements will differ based on individual visitor circumstances and processes can take some time to complete, for example if a visa is required.

For NDCLS staff based in the JR, please see the NDCLS visitor process for the local procedure and documents to complete when expecting a visitor.

For OCDEM staff, please see the OCDEM visitor form and contact the OCDEM personnel team.