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We provide tailored advice and guidance to all researchers and students within RDM who would like support in obtaining funding.

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Support in obtaining funding is available in the following ways:

Please note that the support being offered by RDM is not intended to replace the support provided by your supervisor/sponsor, or your local divisional admin teams. Rather, we hope to add an additional level of oversight to ensure that RDM can provide the best possible advice and individualised support for applicants, particularly those applying for fellowships, thus supporting the career progression of our researchers.

RDM Divisional Finance teams

Each RDM divisional admin team is responsible for creating an X5 costing of all applications that are submitted. This process takes longer with collaborative projects as multiple departments and/or universities must agree on costings. Your divisional admin team should be involved in your application from the earliest opportunity. They will submit your application to Research Services at least five days before the funder deadline. Research Services need these five days to allow them time to review the application and submit it to the funder.

The funder's deadline is therefore not your deadline. Please speak to your local admin team well in advance of the funder's deadline.

Divisional Finance Contact

Email Address

RDM Division

Emma Burke-Smith CVM
James Dean IMD
Mark Evans NDCLS
Corinne Prescott  WIMM NDCLS and WIMM Core
Lynne Whay OCDEM