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The RDM Research Strategy and Funding team provides tailored advice and guidance to all research staff and students within the department who would like support in obtaining funding.

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who ARE the rdm research strategy and funding team?

Position Contact me for...
Dr Ruth McCaffrey Research Strategy Coordinator One-on-one meetings, career development, letters of support from the Head of Department, Research Excellence Framework (REF)
Dr Serena Briant Research Facilitator and Programme Manager for the Novo Nordisk-Oxford Fellowship Programme One-on-one meetings, fellowship applications, letters of support from the Head of Department, Novo Nordisk-Oxford Fellowship Programme
Dr Kathleen Dolan Research Facilitator and Operations Manager for the Novo Nordisk-Oxford Fellowship programme One-on-one meetings, internal funding opportunities/IRAMS, Career Development Committee

Contact us at or individually.

what support do we offer?

  • One-on-one meetings to provide advice on funding opportunities within the University or externally, tailored to your career stage and CV.
  • Support for researchers applying for internal funding, including an internal peer review of applications prior to submission.
  • Extensive support for researchers applying for fellowships, including support with career development; public engagement and Pathways to Impact sections of applications; and internal peer review of applications prior to submission and mock interviews.
  • An annual grant writing course and an annual talk on 'How to get a Fellowship'.
  • Opportunities to observe internal application review panels and mock fellowship interviews.

Please note that the support we offer is not intended to replace the support provided by your supervisor/sponsor, or your local divisional admin teams. Rather, we hope to add an additional level of oversight to ensure that RDM can provide the best possible advice and individualised support for applicants, particularly those applying for fellowships, thus supporting the career progression of our researchers.

what resources are available in rdm?

  • Our Funding Database holds information on relevant internal and external funding opportunities. 
  • We produce a Funding Bulletin once a term, which details upcoming funding deadlines and any RDM internal deadlines. Earlier internal deadlines may be set in cases where our department can only submit a limited number of applications, or where letters of support are required, or where the application needs to be internally peer-reviewed within RDM prior to submission.
  • Advice on the practicalities of applying for funding is available here
  • A helpful guide on how to write a lay summary has been produced by the RDM Public Engagement and Communications Manager. For advice on how to write a lay summary, please contact RDM Communications or Dr Charvy Narain.  
  • Contact Dr Charvy Narain for advice on public engagement activities for your application and also advice on writing Pathways to Impact statements.