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From Hugh Watkins, Head of Department,    

Zero tolerance to bullying and harassment is an essential requirement for a happy and healthy working environment, ie  a workplace in which we all treat each other with mutual courtesy, respect and consideration, regardless of gender or status. This is a responsibility that we must all share.    

Our Silver Athena SWAN action plan includes a commitment  to champion a culture of dignity and respect in RDM, where positive behaviour is recognised and there is zero tolerance of harassment and bullying.    

As part of a major initiative within the Department we commenced awareness training for Senior Staff, Group Leaders and Line Managers in 2016/17, and this is ongoing.  The Department has seventeen trained Harassment Advisors who are available to talk to at any time.     

I am committed to ensuring any form of harassment will not be tolerated and should be challenged.    

Hugh Watkins,    

Head, Radcliffe Department of Medicine


RDM Harassment Advisors

Name Division in RDM
James Brown CVM
Barbara Casadei CVM
Ruth Coleman OCDEM
Stacey Da Silva NDCLS
Carol Davey AVIC
James Dean IMD
Hal Drakesmith WIMM/IMD/HIU
Felicity Green RDM Strategic
Chris Groves IMD
Alex Hamilton OCDEM
Suzanne Ii IMD
Sue Marcus IMD
Massimo Masiero NDCLS
Ruth McCaffrey RDM Strategic
Simon McGowan WIMM
Mark Stevenson OCDEM

sources of advice and support within rdm

The Radcliffe Department of Medicine is committed to eliminating bullying and harassment and has developed some guidance to raise awareness of what constitutes bullying behaviour, highlight the roles of RDM’s harassment advisors, and promote the support services available to staff and students: