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The University condemns harassment as an unacceptable form of behaviour and offers many different sources of support and advice to help staff and students who have experienced or witnessed bullying or harassment


There are approximately 370 harassment advisors within the University, with two (one of either sex) appointed within each department and faculty. Details of the harassment advisors are posted on departmental and faculty office notice boards. There are also confidential advisors appointed within the colleges. RDM harassment advisors are listed to the right, however if you would prefer to speak to someone outside of RDM you can arrange this by emailing or calling on 01865 270760.        

The University Equality and Diversity Unit        

The University Equality and Diversity Unit provides help and training to all staff and students.             

The University Occupational Health Service            

The University Occupational Health Service will be able to advise on dealing with stress and provide access to counselling.            

For students, the Student Counselling Service (run centrally) and the Student Advice Service (run by the Oxford University Student Union), are excellent sources of advice and support.            

Online self-study course raising the awareness of bullying and harassment in the workplace            

This online course encourages people to think about bullying and harassment in the workplace and more specifically helps people identify why certain behaviours are inappropriate, the damage caused by bullying and harassment. It also aims to inform people of their legal and moral responsibilities, the tools to recognise and put a stop to bullying and harassment, how to respond to inappropriate behaviour and the knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully as part of a diverse team.

RDM Harassment Advisors

sources of advice and support within RDM

The Radcliffe Department of Medicine is committed to eliminating bullying and harassment and has developed some guidance to raise awareness of what constitutes bullying behaviour, highlight the roles of RDM’s harassment advisors, and promote the support services available to staff and students: