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Below you will find links to some sources of information when thinking about schools and childcare in and around Oxfordshire.

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Childcare for Pre-School Children

There are several options available should you need childcare for a dependent who is not yet eligible for full-time education. Choosing the best option for you will be closely linked to your personal circumstances and preferences. Useful sources of information on providers of pre-school childcare include the Oxfordshire County Council website, the OFSTED website and the Family-Friendly Benefits section of this website.

Help with paying for Childcare for Pre-School Children

The University operates a salary-sacrifice scheme for users of the University's in-house or private workplace day nurseries, and for those parents who opt to receive childcare vouchers. Information on all of these can be found in the Family-Friendly Benefits section of this website.

Funding for pre-school care is also available from the Government in various forms including fully funded places for 3-4 year olds with childcare providers who offer the foundation stage education activities. Information on this and other sources of funding are available on the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Applying for a place at a Government-Funded School

Things to consider when choosing a school, how to apply for a place at government-funded school, and other related information are available on the Oxfordshire County Council website. There is also information available on the environment and performance of schools on the OFSTED website.

Before and After School Clubs and holiday playschemes

Information is readily available from the Oxfordshire County Council website on providers of
before school and/or after school childcare. Information on providers can also be found on the OFSTED website.

Some School Clubs will accept childcare vouchers that can help with the cost of childcare. Information on childcare vouchers is available in the Family-Friendly Benefits section of this webpage.


University Childcare

Sponsored Nursery Places

Childcare Voucher Scheme

Nursery Fee Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Holiday Playschemes

My Family Care

Work + Family Space

Offering access to emergency back-up childcare and adultcare, a 'speak to an expert' phone line and a wide range of guides and webinars through a website called the Work + Family space. University employees can register for free with the Work + Family Space (formerly My Family Care) to access support on family related issues.