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University Occupational Health Service

The University Occupational Health Service website is an excellent source of information for a vast array of health related issues. These range from advice to avoid injury when using your computer (DSE assessments), through to immunisations for work related travel and activities.

They also have a dedicated section on Mental Health and Well-Being with sections on how to cope with problems related to bullying, harassment, depression, stress, alcohol and drugs. Advice is also available regarding sleep and insomnia, stopping smoking, eating a healthy diet and enjoying your social life.

A confidential counselling service is also available and staff experiencing work-related problems can make an appointment by either emailing the occupational health service or calling them on 01865 282676.

Getting involved with events in Oxford University

The University has a list of events that are open to the general public that include exhibitions, lectures, seminars and courses. There is also an excellent page designed for newcomers regarding living in Oxford that also has a long list of clubs, societies and events for people to join.

Achieving the right work-life balance

Ensuring you have the right balance between your work and life outside of work can be a huge challenge in today's society. We have put together a number of pages with information and resources in our work-life balance section of this website that are designed to help and support people achieve the right balance for them.

Display Screen Users Eye Sight Testing

DSE users are entitled to request an eye test and where a new or altered prescription for spectacles is required for DSE use, the department will contribute £75 towards the cost.