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NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Funding  - Unallowable Costs


The Contractor shall not normally use the funding provided under the Contract for any of the following costs:

(i) costs of animal research, or other work which is not patient- or people-focused translational clinical research in the NHS;

(ii) costs relating to activities undertaken outside the Biomedical Research Centre, including infrastructure and support costs of related research supported by other funding bodies;

(iii) capital equipment costing more than £5,000;

(iv) costs of university laboratories or infrastructure;

(v) indirect costs incurred by the university partner;

(vi) Full Economic Costs of the time of employed and funded staff devoted to the work of the Biomedical Research Centre;

(vii) costs associated with R&D activity which does not have a clear written protocol, and which has not been subjected to appropriate independent peer review;

(viii) costs of patient care services (i.e. treatment costs as defined in HSG(97)32 dated 29 May 1997), staff training, undergraduate or postgraduate education, not covered above; and

(ix) costs that are, or should be, in the opinion of the Authority, met by another body, for example a commercial organisation.