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The RDM Research Strategy and Funding team has a process to coordinate and support all fellowship applications being submitted through the department.

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We have introduced a process to coordinate and support all applications for external fellowships (with the exception of Clinical Research Training Fellowships). This process ensures applicants receive equal support with their application, irrespective of the RDM division they are based in. In addition, this coordination allows applicants to benefit from the extensive expertise within RDM, across a broad range of funding bodies.

This process is co-ordinated by Dr Serena Briant, Research Facilitator.

If you are not currently based in Oxford but would like to explore the possibility of applying for and undertaking a fellowship in Oxford, informal enquires are welcome.

when to contact us?

If you are looking to submit a fellowship application, please contact Serena with a copy of your CV, as early as possible so that we can offer the best support. Ideally, a minimum of three months in advance of the funder’s deadline is needed. The earlier you inform us, the more support we can provide.

If you are reading this and are close to submitting an application, please contact us as soon as possible because all fellowship applications require a letter of support from the Head of Department, which Ruth or Serena will arrange.

what support do we offer prior to submission?

We offer one-on-one appointments to researchers who are looking to apply for fellowships or are considering whether other funding options might be more appropriate. We can discuss potential fellowship funding streams (and non-fellowship options too) and the best timing for applications. We will also consider if there are areas where your CV can be strengthened, which may increase your chances of success with fellowship applications. 

If you decide that you would like to submit a fellowship application, the following process applies:

  • We will put you in contact with other holders of the fellowship you are applying for, both within RDM and the wider Medical Sciences Division. Where possible, we will send you a copy of a successful application to that funder. If an Oxford PI sits on the fellowship review panel, we will seek their input, where appropriate.
  • All applications must go through internal peer-review in RDM, prior to being submitted. Since implementing this process, RDM fellowship application success rates have increased greatly with 43 % of applicants securing a fellowship. A copy of your application must be sent to Serena, a minimum of three weeks before the funder deadline. This allows enough time for your application to be reviewed by RDM PIs and anonymised comments to be returned to you, enabling you to strengthen your application prior to submission.

  • We will provide a letter of support from the Head of Department, Prof Keith Channon. Ruth or Serena will coordinate this; please do not go directly to the Head of Department.

what support do we provide for interviews?

If an applicant is invited for an interview, Ruth or Serena will organise a mock interview with a panel of RDM PIs. These mock interviews provide excellent preparation for the real interview. Potential fellowship applicants are also welcome to observe mock interviews; please contact Ruth or Serena, if interested.