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Driving and Hired Vehicles    

  • You can claim mileage for business travel at the rate of 45p per mile (5p extra per passenger), but your vehicle insurance cover must extend to business use. Please be aware each tax year the rate may change slightly, so check on the University Travel Pages  if you are unsure what rate applies
  • The mileage rate only applies to private owned vehicles. If you are using a hired vehicle then the cost hire and cost of fuel is reclaimed.
  • Car parking and road toll payments are reclaimable. Receipts and proof of payment is required. Most machines and booths will provide receipts; it's a question of asking for one.     
  • Congestion charges are an allowed expense               
  • Fines or penalty charges are not reclaimable

Other Travel booking options    

  1. Use the preferred suppliers for booking travel. Get an Online Travel Quote.      
  2. Arrange travel personally and then use the expense claim form to reclaim cost incurred - remember to keep all original receipts or payment will be refused      
  3. Plan travel and use the advance travel expenses form - used for those traveling for months abroad and incurring costs along the way.  You must retain the receipts and proof of purchase for all costs incurred in order to match the advance payment received to actual costs incurred. See: Advances of Expenses.

Read more about travel insurance.