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The Akbar Lab is interested in defining the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of extracellular vesicles for immunomodulation and precision medicine in cardiovascular, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases.

Three panel image: panel 1 shows an illustration of a cell with specific proteins on cell surface, a blow up of the lipid bilayers, and miRNAs, DNA and metabolites inside the cells; the second panel is a electron microscopy images of cells, and the third is a dot graph showing data for groups at presentation and followup, which shows two distinct groups at these two time points.

We have a particular interest in how endothelial cell derived extracellular vesicles mediate long range communication across organs, and how we can capitalise on this signalling for targeted therapeutics and diagnosis. We employ state of the art techniques in extracellular vesicle isolation and characterisation, using translational approaches of highly characterised clinical cohorts to derive hypothesis driven in vitro and in vivo studies using model systems.






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