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Waleed Seddiq


DPhil Student

Molecular and cellular medicine, Immunotherapy, Extracellular vesicles (EVs)


Waleed K. Seddiq Earned his Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation (MMSCI) in translational immunotherapy from Harvard Medical School. Currently, he is doing  DPhil at University of Oxford at Akbar's Group in the cardiovascular division. Seddiq focuses on using molecular and cellular medicine to diagnose and treat disease. During his time at Harvard, Seddiq's thesis concentrated on developing a novel targeted therapy using oncolytic viruses and Stem cells to empower the innate immune system and increase tumor infiltration of metastatic tumors, especially in the brain. At Oxford, he is engaged in research to investigate and outline the therapeutic and diagnostic applications of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in the fields of immunomodulation and precision medicine, particularly in the context of cardiovascular, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases. Seddiq has more than nine years in the R&D industry, managing and working on multiple projects and institutions. His efforts have earned him various recognitions and awards – including the SABIC Prize for Chemistry and Health, first place in the field of scientific research at King Saud University for undergraduate students, Harvard Medical School scholarship for outstanding students in the year 2021-2023, and a Scholarship from Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research (DHFMR). He is also affiliated with several fellowships and organizations such as Qimam & McKinsey fellowship, Misk fellowship, Harvard Arab Student Association (HASA), The Department of the U.S embassy, and Harvard Saudi Student Association (HSSA). Seddiq has a passion for making better changes in education, especially for those who cannot have a proper education. Nonetheless, Seddiq has an interest in developing and working on both BioTech and PharamaTech in the region.