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We are committed to translating our innovative research into clinical benefit. From new methods of diagnosing chronic conditions, to finding the latest treatments for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke and rare diseases, our department is involved in hundreds of clinical studies every year.

Clinical studies and trials Martin Phelps

We have unique world leading expertise in proof-of-concept, efficacy and mega-trials through our Diabetes Trials Unit  – a fully registered UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit , which orchestrates and delivers international multi-centre trials for the latest diabetes drugs.

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Clinical Trials and Research Governance

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Clinical Studies and Trials DPhil Projects

Advanced Image Analysis of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance T1-maps 

Airway and Muscle Gene Transfer to Create Therapeutic Protein Factories

AKR1C1 as a therapeutic target in non-alcholoic fatty liver diease and hepatocellular carcinoma

Biophysical mechanisms of Cardiovascular T1 mapping

Brown adipose tissue WNT signalling as a therapeutic target for obesity and type 2 diabetes

Characterisation of molecular pathways of differentiation in normal human lympho-myeloid differentiation using a systems biology approach

Characterisation of Viral OncoProtein (VOP) and Tumor specific Protein (TSP) specific T cell responses in HPV virus associated Cervical and head-neck Cancers

Combining genome-editing in human IPS cells with Type 2 diabetes genomics to decipher mechanisms for islet dysfunction

Controlling malaria through manipulating iron transport

Defining human hepatic insulin resistance

Developing a framework for precision medicine in a complex trait

Development of Gene Therapy & Gene Editing for Lung Disorders

Human Model of DS-AML: Identifying mechanisms of differentiation arrest leading to Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Identification of the atrial transcriptional signature of patients who develop atrial fibrillation

Identifying new molecular players determining metabolic disease risk and susceptibility to osteoporosis 

Imaging in Preventive Cardiology Research

The impact of IFITM3 genetic variation on virus infection, immune responses and disease outcome

The influence of dietary fatty acids on regional adipose tissue development and function

In vivo modelling of mutation order and oncogene addiction in myeloproliferative neoplasms

Iron deficiency and immunity

Molecular mechanism of familial partial lipodystrophy

Niche determinants required for leukaemic and normal stem cell function

Red cell and iron metabolism: using genetic and functional studies and CRISPR/Cas9 to identify of causal variants for blood cell phenotypes

Restless Legs Syndrome

Role of CD1a-restricted T cells in human inflammation and translational development of new therapies to treat allergic disease

Role of Innate Lymphoid Cells in skin inflammation

Single cell analysis of malignant stem cell clones in myelofibrosis

T Regulatory cells and the outcome of bone marrow transplantation: understanding variation in circulating Tregs

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