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Diabetes is a major, growing threat to human health. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that 10 % of the global adult population will have diabetes by 2030. In Europe, 60 million people are currently diagnosed with diabetes, and 36 million are at risk. Clinical decision-making in diabetes care is mainly driven by randomised controlled trials (RCTs), the cornerstone of evidence-based medicine. However, using real-world data could, in some cases, confirm, complement and augment data from RCTs. In other circumstances, it could address research questions where traditional RCTs are unfeasible or unethical.

The new research project REDDIE aims to introduce real-world and synthetic data in regulatory advice and/or health-technology assessments to supplement data from RCTs. This will significantly assist decision-making processes and boost the rapid evaluation of the safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of drugs and digital health devices related to diabetes. DTU is proud to join the 14-partner-strong consortium of leading international players from seven countries.




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