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Photo of older smiling man, smiling women and younger man outdoors in front of boats

Ricardo Gonzales, a Clarendon Scholar and DPhil student in the Piechnik and Ferreira groups, has been recognised as a Fellow of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (FSCMR). The FSCMR designation provides a way for physicians, scientists, and technologists to be recognised for their dedication to cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.

Ricardo's DPhil work focusses on using deep learning algorithms for image post-processing and, by using large-scale international magnetic resonance datasets, his work has driven advances in the interpretation of cardiac magnetic resonance images, helping improve patient care. 

He is also part of the SCMR Education Committee, and on the Trainee Editorial Board of the journal Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. He is pictured on the right in the main image, alongside his supervisors Professors Stefan Piechnik and Vanessa Ferreira.

On the FSCMR award, he says, "I am honoured to receive the Fellow of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance distinction during my DPhil journey. This recognition is a testament to my mentors' guidance, my collaborators' support, and the promising contribution of young researchers.

"As a Peruvian, it is gratifying to leave a trace in such a prestigious society."

Very many congratulations to Ricardo!