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Career case studies for international womens day

Career case-studies for International Women's Day 8th March

Athena SWAN Department General

Discuss challenges, network with others, and find out what support is available.

Patient involvement partnership sets priorities for rare anaemias

Patient involvement partnership sets priorities for rare anaemias

Department General MRC MHU MRC WIMM OCH

Patients, carers, clinicians and researchers collaborate to decide key research questions for future research.

A hidden route for fatty acids can make cancers resistant to therapy

A hidden route for fatty acids can make cancers resistant to therapy

Department General OCDEM Publication Research

RDM researchers collaborate on Nature paper highlighting a previously unexplored pathway.

Catching the heartbeats molecular switch in action

Catching the heartbeat's molecular switch in action

CVM Department General

RDM scientists develop new method that uses a marine coral protein to visualise calcium flow through heart muscle fibres.

Nhs plan to sell genome sequencing to healthy people is premature

"NHS plan to sell genome sequencing to healthy people is premature"

CVM Department General

Dr Elizabeth Ormondroyd comments on recent NHS plans in The Conversation.

Bad brakes

Bad brakes

Department General Publication

Researchers identify faulty molecular brake that interferes with heart muscle’s ability to contract and relax

Rdm annual symposium 2019 registration and call for abstracts now open

RDM Annual Symposium 2019

Department General

Programme now available for RDM symposium on Thursday 14th March at the Maths Institute in Oxford.

A wimmter wonderland

A WIMMter Wonderland

Department General

Some superlative science-themed Christmas decorations at the MRC WIMM

2018 rdm graduate prize winners

2018 RDM graduate prize winners

CVM Department General MRC WIMM NDCLS

Congratulations to Christopher Booth, Evangelos Oikonomou and Marieke Oudelaar, who are the winners of the 2018 RDM Graduate Prize.

Ps635 000 towards new therapy acceleration laboratory 1

£635,000 towards new Therapy Acceleration Laboratory

Department General MRC WIMM OCH

Deutsche Bank employees across the UK raised this generous sum via their ‘One Day’ initiative, in collaboration with Cure Leukaemia

Professor leanne hodson delivers the starling medal lecture

Professor Leanne Hodson delivers the Starling Medal lecture


The Society of Endocrinology's Starling Medal recognises mid-career researchers 'whose work has contributed to exceptional scientific advances in endocrinology.'

Uncovering the full story in diabetes

Uncovering the full story in diabetes

OCDEM Publication Research

Insulin is only half the story of what goes awry in diabetes

Making healthcare smarter with ai

Making healthcare smarter with AI

CVM Department General

Charalambos Antoniades on AI-derived biomarkers that can predict heart attacks years before they happen

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