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New heart disease calculator could save lives by identifying high-risk patients missed by current tools

CVM Department General

Collaborative research, led from NDPCHS and published today in Nature Medicine, has developed a new tool called QR4 that more accurately predicts an individual's 10-year risk of cardiovascular diseases, like heart disease and stroke, particularly identifying high-risk patients that current prediction tools miss.

Professor Graham Ogg Receives Wellcome Discovery Award with International Team

Awards General MRC TIDU MRC WIMM Research

Professor Graham Ogg, from the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine has been awarded funding for an international 8-year research programme from global charitable foundation Wellcome.

The LEGEND-D Trial – which aims to prevent low blood sugar levels in type 1 diabetes – is open to recruitment


The first participant has completed initial study activities and is now randomised to one of the trial’s arms.

Wellcome Career Development Awards for Betty Raman and Adam Wilkinson

Awards CVM Department MRC WIMM

Associate Professors Betty Raman and Adam Wilkinson have both won an eight-year Wellcome Career Development Award to further their research.

Congratulations to our new Principal Investigators 2024


Following the Department’s annual call for researchers to apply for Principal Investigator (PI) status, RDM is delighted to announce the designation of four new PIs for 2024.

Study will assess new MRI technique to detect liver cancer

CVM Department OCMR

The DeLIVER team will evaluate non-contrast-enhanced MRI and compare it to standard of care ultrasound in a cohort of patients under surveillance for liver cancer.

British Heart Foundation partners with the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race

CCRF CVM General

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is the official charity partner for The Gemini Boat Race, which is taking place on 30 March 2024

Two Technician Champions appointed in the MRC WIMM


We are delighted to announce that two members of the facilities staff at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine have been chosen to act as Technician Champions.

UK’s first registry to be set up for those at risk of type 1 diabetes

DTU Research

Researchers from the Oxford BRC and other collaborating organisations have received funding to set up a UK registry for children and adults who are at risk of type 1 diabetes and have tested positive for diabetes autoantibodies.

RDM early career researchers shine in Parliamentary scientific poster competition

Awards Department General

Organised by the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee, STEM for BRITAIN is a major scientific poster competition and exhibition, held annually at the Houses of Parliament.

Professor Rury Holman wins 2024 Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement

Awards DTU Department General OCDEM

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has announced this year's National Scientific and Health Care Achievement Award recipients.

Trial of ‘artificial pancreas’ for people with cystic fibrosis-related diabetes is off to a strong start


The first group of participants recruited into the CL4P-CF trial is helping to test the effect of using an automated insulin delivery system in people with cystic fibrosis-related diabetes.

New toolkit to improve patient and public involvement in health research


Patients and members of the public will be able to more easily take part in research thanks to new tools developed by Birmingham team.

World Cancer Day 2024: Highlighting cancer research at the MRC WIMM

Department General MRC MHU MRC WIMM Research

This World Cancer Day, we heard from four Group Leaders at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine about their work and how their groups are helping in the fight against cancer.

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