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To obtain travel insurance for University business please advise your local team of the destination and dates before travel by completing  a relevant form that can be downloaded from:

This page also includes information about travel insurance, documents to take with you, and emergency contact numbers.

For country-specific travel information visit the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office website. 

 Any country carrying a travel warning may invalidate the University’s block travel policy for you, so contact your local team. If you intend to travel to such a country see travel advice at

Computers and equipment

 The University arranges insurance protection for departmental equipment including computers, furniture, money, stores and items on loan, against fire, explosion, malicious and accidental damage, wet perils and theft (excluding theft from unattended vehicle).

Cover extends worldwide for any item being taken abroad for business purposes and which will remain in the custody and control of the University.

Cover is arranged on a reinstatement basis subject to an excess of £2,000 payable by the department.  In the event of a claim, please contact your local admin team.



For staff based in OCDEM