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British Heart Foundation Funding Rules

British Heart Foundation
  1. Virement between budget headings is not allowed.
  2. Obtain BHF’s written approval before appointing and replacing staff funded by the Grant; salary provisions may not be transferred to any other individual without approval.
  3. Salaries will be reimbursed at a level no higher than the grade and level awarded and will include nationally agreed pay awards providing the grant commences within 6 months of the date of award. Any inflationary amounts used when costing the application will remain with BHF as surplus funds where actual increases are less than this.
  4. Increases in salaries other than annual increments and nationally agreed pay awards will not be met by BHF. BHF reimburses salaries aligned to the national pay scales or recognised local pay models only.
  5. BHF will not accept responsibility for staff salaries for any period after the end of a Grant period and prior to that Grant’s renewal or a new Grant commencing or as a consequence of the application process
  6. only items of equipment which were awarded on the grant may be claimed
  7. Supplier’s invoice(s) must be attached for equipment purchases to each claim. The supplier’s invoice(s) should be countersigned by the Grant Holder and bear the item number to which it relates.
  8. The department must take responsibility for installation, maintenance, repairs and insurance costs of the equipment throughout its useful life at its own expense.
  9.  In certain circumstances equipment might be subject to further conditions specified in the Award Letter
  10. Travel for conferences must be set out in the award letter. Once incurred, you can download a claim form here. This should be included with a quarterly claim from the University against the grant.
  11. BHF do not reimburse publication costs; they only refund open access costs.