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The Investigative Medicine Division aims to rapidly translate innovative science into patient benefit across a range of disease areas. From molecular biology and target discovery, through to interventional medicine and informing policy, we bring together researchers in a diverse range of specialties including acute stroke, dementia and immunology.

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Specific research groups include:

The Acute Vascular Imaging Centre (AVIC), which aims to deliver cutting edge research that will improve the assessment and diagnosis of patients with acute coronary syndromes and stroke and facilitate the development of new treatments.

The Cochrane dementia and cognitive improvement group produces systematic reviews relating to the prevention, treatment and management of acute or chronic cognitive impairments, their manifestations and complications, and the care of people affected.

The MRC Human Immunology Unit (HIU) aims to understand how the human immune system works – from early life to old age – as knowledge of how the immune system responds to pathogens and cancer is critical to developing ways to prevent and treat infections, autoimmune diseases, cancer and allergy.

Professor Vincenzo Cerundolo is the Head of Investigative Medicine.

Researchers have major collaborations with the MRC, the Wellcome Trust, CRUK and the NIHR.