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We host two units, spanning basic and clinical research.

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The Oxford Acute Vascular Imaging Centre (AVIC), which opened in 2011, is a unique facility dedicated to clinical research in acute coronary syndromes and stroke. The Centre, led by Professor Robin Choudhury, was built and supported by generous donations from the MRC, BHF, Wellcome Trust and DoH. The Centre houses a fully equipped interventional angiography suite, functionally conjoined to a 3T MRI scanner by a mechanised rapid transfer system.

The MRC Human Immunology Unit (HIU), which was founded in 1998, represents one of the central pillars of translational immunology in Oxford, the UK and the World. The Unit is based within the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine and hosts approximately 170 staff and students. The Unit, led by Professor Vincenzo Cerundolo, aims to foster research in Human Immunology and to apply this knowledge to the development of better treatment strategies against infectious diseases, cancer, allergy and autoimmune disease.