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Nasren Akhtar

Finance Assistant

Agne Antanaviciute

Andrew Armitage

Senior Postdoctoral Scientist

Nicole Ashman

Research Assistant

Anna Aulicino

Postdoctoral scientist

Subita Balaram

Research Scientist

Suneale Banerji

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Liliana Barbieri

DPhil student

Mike Barnkob

DPhil Student

Daniel Beard

Postdoctoral Scientist

Anne Bridgeman

Senior Research Assistant

Alastair Buchan

Professor of Stroke Medicine

David Cain

DPhil Student

Davide Carone

Clinical Research Fellow

Lise Chauveau

Postdoctoral Scientist

Jili Chen

Analytical Project Manager

Yi-Ling Chen

Career Development Fellow

Zoe Christoforidou

Huw Colin-York

Postdoctoral Scientist

Kerrie Cope

Apprentice Finance Administration Assistant

Yvonne Couch

Associate Professor of Neuroimmunology

Simon Davis

Professor of Molecular Immunology

Tanja Davis

Postdoctoral Researcher

James Dean

Senior Research Grants Officer

Delaney Dominey-Foy

DPhil Clinical Medicine Candidate

Hal Drakesmith

Professor of Iron Biology

Rachel Etherington

Research Scientist

Anne Farmer

MRC TIDU Executive Coordinator

Aleksandr Fedorov

DPhil Student

Ling Felce

In Memoriam: 1986-2022

Candida Fenton

Information Specialist

Gary Ford

Professor of Stroke Medicine

Simona Fourie

Clinical research facility operational lead

John Frankland

Sequencing Technician

Xiaopeng Fu

DPhil Student

James Garrard

Clinical Research Fellow

Claudia Gonzalez-Lopez

Research Assistant

Chris Groves

MRC MHU Laboratory Manager

Clare Hardman

Senior Postdoctoral Scientist

George Harston

Consultant physician

Jonny Hertzog

Postdoctoral Scientist

Paul Holloway

Principal Investigator

Matthew Husband

Laboratory Support

Amina Ismaeel

DPhil Student

David Jackson

Professor of Human Immunology

Marta Jagielowicz

Laboratory Manager / MRC WIMM HTA PD

Edward Jenkins

Postdoctoral Researcher

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