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Megat Abd Hamid

DPhil student

Nasren Akhtar

Finance Assistant

Joao Arezes

Postdoctoral Researcher

Andrew Armitage

Senior Postdoctoral Scientist

Subita Balaram

Research Assistant

Richard Barker

Visiting Professor of Sustainable Medical Innovation

Mike Barnkob

DPhil Student

Daniel Beard

Postdoctoral researcher

Alessandra Borlotti

Cardiac MRI Analyst

Julia Brain

HR Officer

Anne Bridgeman

Senior Research Assistant

Heather Brouwer

Research Assistant

Alastair Buchan

Professor of Stroke Medicine

Lise Chauveau

Postdoctoral Scientist

Cursi Chiara

Research Assistant

Zoe Christodoulou

Laboratory manager

Yvonne Couch

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Tamara Davenne

D.Phil Student

Carol Davey

AVIC Operations Manager

Simon Davis

Professor of Molecular Immunology

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