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University ('Bod') cards can be activated to give you 'swipe' access to OCMR. Individuals who do not have a University card can apply to have a temporary card issued to them.

To gain swipe access to OCMR you will need to complete (i) the OCMR building induction AND (ii) attend an annual Magnet Safety session.

In the first instance, contact Gillian Roberts (Operations Manager) about gaining swipe access to OCMR. You will then be provided with an induction pack, and can arrange a building induction session.

During the induction you will be given a tour of the facility and all the major safety and security issues will be pointed out to you. We will ask you to sign and date our induction form indicating that you understand the safety and security issues in place at OCMR and that you agree to comply with these instructions at all times. Please retain your copy of the OCMR Information Pack for future reference and to find links to various websites you may find useful. 

Magnet safety sessions are run jointly with FMRIB and there are usually two sessions per month. Please note that swipe access to OCMR ends 12 months after your last recorded magnet safety session - so you must attend at least once a year. Check here for further details.

If you have any questions about our building induction or magnet safety sessions, please contact Gillian Roberts .