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The aim of the RDM Learning and Development (L&D) programme is to provide opportunities for RDM staff and students to avail of training courses that will enhance their learning and development.

Please note that some of the courses on offer have limited numbers of places available. Where these courses are oversubscribed, priority will be given to those who have provided a strong justification as to why they wish to attend the course or to those who have not been successful in securing a place on other courses in the programme. You will be notified at least two weeks in advance of the course if you have a place.

Registration for our courses will open in batches. 

Please email Sarah Califano if you have any questions. Download the full 2019 L&D Programme.

Please select all that apply.
The following courses are now open for registration. Please select your option from the list. You will need to repeat the process if you wish to attend more than one course.
Please explain very briefly why you wish to attend this course and how you envisage being able to implement what you have learnt. If you are applying to participate in more than one course, please repeat for each course.

Mandated Courses for All

The following online courses are mandatory for all staff:

Mandated courses by role