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  • Neubauer Group: Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research

    OCMR uses sophisticated cardiac MR imaging and spectroscopy methods to phenotype cardiovascular disease – in small-scale proof-of-principle studies, large-scale multicentre clinical trials and ultra-large scale population imaging programmes. As well as running their own research programmes, OCMR serves as a collaboration partner to any group wanting to strengthen their clinical research with state of the art non-invasive phenotyping tools.

  • Myerson Group: Heart Valve Disease

    We investigate diseases of the heart valves – how widespread the problem is, what the causes are, who is at risk from future problems and what treatments can improve outcomes for patients.

  • Ferreira Group: Quantitative cardiac magnetic resonance myocardial tissue characterisation

    We have expertise in the study of heart disease using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR), particularly quantitative techniques such as myocardial T1-mapping.