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Join us for this year’s symposium on Monday 19 March. This annual event is a wonderful opportunity to bring all members of the department together to celebrate and share cutting edge research.

Rdm symposium 2018 John Cairns

We are delighted to announce that Prof Fiona Powrie, Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences and Director of the Kennedy Institute, will be our keynote speaker. Watch this space for the finalised programme.

Call for abstracts for poster presentations

As part of the day we will have a poster session where students and postdocs/fellows have the opportunity to present their research.

The abstracts we receive will be reviewed and the best abstracts selected for poster presentation at the symposium. In addition, the top two abstracts will be selected for oral presentations at the symposium.

The abstract submission deadline is noon on Thursday 22 February 2018. Abstracts should be emailed to

Guidelines for submitting an abstract

  • Limit your abstract to one page only (with normal margins, including references and any images).
  • Give the title of your abstract, followed by authors’ names and affiliations.
  • Give affiliations in the following format: 1 Division/Institute, Department, University, Country.
  • Underline the presenting author.
  • Indicate if the presenting author is a DPhil student or postdoc/fellow.
  • Limit the main text of your abstract to approximately 250 words.
  • Include the rationale for the research, methodology, results and conclusions in the main text.
  • If necessary, you can include a figure (but you must not exceed the one page limit).

Please note that as we are limited in the number of posters we can display, we would suggest that no more than 2-3 abstracts are submitted per research group.

Any questions should be directed to Ruth McCaffrey ( or (2)34649).

You will be notified if your abstract has been selected, two weeks before the symposium. The top two abstracts will be selected for oral presentations at the symposium. There will be a prize for the best student poster and the best postdoc/fellow (non-student) poster.