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HOMA 2 Calculator for Mac OS X Catalina and Linux


The HOMA2 Calculator now supports the new Mac OS X Catalina. The standalone application has been updated to 64 bit on the Mac. We have also released a Linux version. This version (2.2.4) was also released for Windows however there is no difference in the Windows version from 2.2.3 other than the implementation of functions in the internal library for use with statistics program R.

HOMA Calculator updated for Mac Excel 2016


The Macintosh version of the HOMA2 Calculator has been updated to version 2.2.3 to include support for Excel 2016. The HOMA API has also been updated to include support for R on the Macintosh.

The HOMA2 Calculator provides a quick and simple way to assess the level of insulin resistance and the degree of beta cell dysfunction in people with or without diabetes who are not on insulin therapy.

HOMA Calculator update


This DRWF Newsletter provides an update on a proposed new version of the HOMA Calculator. This is being developed to estimate beta cell function and insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes who are treated with insulin.

New software version of HOMA2 model released


Today we release the latest software version of our HOMA2 Calculator, which enables researchers to quickly assess the level of insulin resistance and how well beta cells are working in people with diabetes.

This new update (version 2.2.3) means the software can now support Mac OS X Lion or later. Mac Excel is supported for the first time, and 64 bit versions of Excel are now supported on Windows. This version of the software also updates the HOMA API so that it can be called from a larger range of programming languages and systems, including SAS.