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Use and Abuse of HOMA modeling
Wallace TM, Levy JC, Matthews DR
Diabetes Care 2004;27:1487-1495. Published:Jun-2004. PMID:15161807doi:10.2337/diacare.27.6.1487
(non-DTU reference)


Insulin resistance and beta-cell function - a clinical perspective
Matthews DR
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 2001;3 Suppl. 1:S28-S33. Published:Aug-2001. PMID:11685826
(non-DTU reference)


Comparison of tests of ß-cell function across a range of glucose tolerance from normal to diabetes
Hermans MP, Levy JC, Morris RJ, Turner RC
Diabetes 1999;48:1779-1786. Published:17-Mar-2010. PMID:10480608doi:10.2337/diabetes.48.9.1779
(non-DTU reference)
Comparison of insulin sensitivity tests across a range of glucose tolerance from normal to diabetes
Hermans MP, Levy JC, Morris RJ, Turner RC
Diabetologia 1999;42:678-687. Published:May-1999. PMID:10382587doi:10.1007/s001250051215
(non-DTU reference)


Correct Homeostasis Model Assessment (HOMA) Evaluation uses the computer program
Levy JC, Matthews DR, Hermans MP
Diabetes Care 1998;21:2191-2192. Published:Dec-1998. PMID:9839117doi:10.2337/diacare.21.12.2191
(non-DTU reference)


Measurement of insulin resistance and beta-cell function: the HOMA and CIGMA approach
Turner RC, Levy JC, Rudesnki AS, Hammersley M, Page R
Front Diabetes. Basel, Karger 1993;12:66-75. Published:Mar-1993. doi:10.1159/000422658
(non-DTU reference)


Understanding "insulin resistance": Both glucose resistance and insulin resistance are required to model human diabetes
A.S. Rudenski, D.R. Matthews, J.C. Levy, R.C. Turner
Metabolism 1991;40:908-917. Published:01-Sep-1991. PMID:1895955doi:10.1016/0026-0495(91)90065-5
(non-DTU reference)


Homeostasis model assessment: insulin resistance and beta-cell function from fasting plasma glucose and insulin concentrations in man
Matthews DR, Hosker JP, Rudenski AS, Naylor BA, Treacher DF, Turner RC
Diabetologia 1985;28:412-419. Published:Jul-1985. PMID:3899825doi:10.1007/BF00280883
(non-DTU reference)


Insulin deficiency and insulin resistance interaction in diabetes: estimation of their relative contribution by feedback analysis from basal plasma insulin and glucose concentrations
Turner RC, Holman RR, Matthews DR, Peto J, Hockaday TDR
Metabolism 1979;28:1086-1096. Published:Nov-1979. PMID:386029doi:10.1016/0026-0495(79)90146-X