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Photograph of a hand with a pen completing a form

How can I take part in research?

You can join our Research Register  - our database of people interested in finding out more about research - email, call us on 01865 857287.

If you respond to an advertisement or a letter inviting you to take part in our research, one of our dedicated research nurses would contact you.  You would be sent an information leaflet and invited to attend for an initial visit.  During this ‘recruitment’ visit, the researcher would talk you through the trial to ensure you understand what it is all about. If you decide to take part in the research study and are eligible, you would be asked to sign a ‘consent form’.

Would I receive any results from the research?

The results you receive during the course of the research would depend on the nature of the particular study.  In some studies, participants receive the results of all their blood or urine tests provided.  In others, the researchers may only be able to provide results of tests which suggest medical follow-up may be required.

At the end of all our studies, participants receive a letter explaining the findings. Sometimes, participants are invited to attend a coffee morning where they have the chance to ask the research team questions. When the research is published in a journal, the results will also be made available on the website.

Is it safe to take part in clinical research?

The conduct of clinical trials in the UK is governed by strict European legislation and a series of careful guidelines, specifically in place to protect participants from unnecessary risks.  Legal bodies and researchers work to protect participants in clinical research to ensure that people have access to accurate information before they decide to join.

Would I receive any payment for taking part?

All of our studies provide reasonable travel expenses.  Most studies will also provide financial compensation for your time.  The exact amount will vary depending on the intensity and length of the study concerned but would be clearly stated on the study’s information leaflet.

Would my research data be confidential?

The data obtained for the purpose of clinical research would be strictly confidential and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  Upon joining a study, you would be assigned a unique ‘study ID’ that would be used to identify your data on our database and makes you completely anonymous to everyone except the research nurses and doctors.

Any data released to the researchers would be in an electronic form and would be anonymised, that is, it would not contain any personal identification.  If your samples are released for further analysis to other research groups, no personal information or identifiable data would be released to them.

What would I have to do if I took part?

The exact nature of the visits and research procedures you would be requested to undergo would vary from study to study. Most of our studies involve taking blood samples.  You would be provided with an information leaflet that would explain all procedures in detail and would have the opportunity to raise any questions/concerns with the research team prior to agreeing to take part.

Can I leave the research if I change my mind?

You are free to withdraw from the research at any time.  You would be encouraged to inform the research team of your decision and reason for withdrawing to ensure that any necessary medical advice or consequences of leaving the trial can be explained to you.

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