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Find out about our 2020 DPhil research opportunities.

Graduate prize 1
De Bruijn Group - Development of the hematopoietic/ immune system in the embryo Marella de Bruijn
Higgs Group - Laboratory of Gene Regulation Douglas Higgs
Psaila Group - Megakaryocytes, platelets and Malignant Bone Marrow Fibrosis Bethan Psaila
Townsend Group - Molecular Immunology, Immunity to Influenza and Ebola viruses Alain Townsend
Nerlov Group - Hematopoietic Stem Cell Genetics Claus Nerlov
Thakker Group - Academic Endocrine Unit Rajesh Thakker
Vyas Group - Normal and Leukaemic Blood Stem/Progenitor Cell Biology Paresh Vyas
Wilkie Group - Clinical Genetics - Building the skull – normal and abnormal development Andrew Wilkie
Bhattacharya Group - Therapeutic targeting of chemokines in inflammation Shoumo Bhattacharya
Douglas Group - Functional coronary artery disease genetics Gillian Douglas
Farrell Group - Genetic Architecture of Inherited Cardiomyopathy Martin Farrall
Cerundolo Group - Enhancing tumour specific immune responses for the treatment of ovarian cancer Vincenzo Cerundolo
Dong Group - Human T Cell responses against viruses and cancer Tao Dong
Drakesmith Group - Iron and Immunity Hal Drakesmith
Gibbons Group - ATRX Group, Chromatin remodelling in health and disease Richard Gibbons
Goriely Group - Clinical Genetics, De Novo Mutations and Human Disease Anne Goriely
Iotchkova Group - Statistical Genetics, Valentina Iotchkova
Lunter Group - Computational Functional Genomics Gerton Lunter
Mead Group: Haematopoietic Stem Cell Biology Adam Mead
Morrissey Group - Quantitative biology of cell fate and tissue dynamics Edward Morrissey
Porcher Group – Molecular dissection of blood cell fate determination Catherine Porcher
Rehwinkel Group - Innate Immunity, Nucleic Acid Sensing during Virus Infection Jan Rehwinkel
Sahakyan Group – Integrative Computational Biology and Machine Learning Aleksandr Sahakyan
Antoniades Group - Translational cardiovascular research: cross-talk between adipose tissue and the cardiovascular system in humans Charalambos Antoniades
Karpe Group - Human fat distribution and metabolic disease Fredrik Karpe
Kerr-Cai Group - Tumour microenvironment and colorectal cancer development David Kerr
Leeson Group - Imaging in Preventive Cardiology Research Paul Leeson
Lygate Group - Cardiac energetics & integrative physiology Craig Lygate
Piechnik Group - Myocardial functional T1 mapping – Advanced cardiac magnetic resonance imaging techniques Stefan Piechnik
Ray Group - Circadian control of energy metabolism and inflammation David Ray
Reilly Group - Myocardial biology with a specific focus on the mechanisms underlying cardiac fibrosis and atrial fibrillation Svetlana Reilly
Tzima Group - Go with the flow---the why and how of cardiovascular disease Ellie Tzima
Watkins Group – Genetics of inherited cardiovascular disease Hugh Watkins
Choudhury Group - Trained innate immunity in atherosclerosis Robin Choudhury
Hodson Group - Human liver fat metabolism and metabolic disease Leanne Hodson