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The Knops/McCoy (Kn/McC) human erythrocyte blood group system belongs to the category of blood group Ag that generate so-called "high titer low avidity" antibodies in immunized transfusion recipients. Screening of red cells lacking certain high titer low avidity Ag demonstrated markedly diminished CR1 expression on McC(d-) and Kn/McC "null" (Kn(a-)McC(a-b-c-d-e-f-] erythrocytes. Additional testing by other methods confirmed these data, and biochemical assays demonstrated no detectable immunoreactive CR1 protein in membranes from Kn/McC null red cells. Human antisera to various Kn/McC Ag were then used to demonstrate that many of these antisera could be used to isolate a protein of identical m.w. to that isolated from the same cells using murine mAb CR1 antisera. Finally, protein isolated by using murine mAb anti-CR1 reacted specifically with anti-Kn/McC antibodies, demonstrating the identity of the Kn/McC and CR1 proteins. Thus, CR1 protein bears the human erythrocyte Kn/McC blood group Ag.


Journal article


J Immunol

Publication Date





3502 - 3507


Antibodies, Monoclonal, Blood Group Antigens, Blotting, Western, Erythrocyte Membrane, Erythrocytes, Humans, Isoantigens, Membrane Proteins, Receptors, Complement, Receptors, Complement 3b