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ICA-based denoising for ASL perfusion imaging.

Journal article

Carone D. et al, (2019), Neuroimage, 200, 363 - 372

Exercise and Cardiovascular Health - New Routes to Reap more Rewards.

Journal article

Channon KM., (2019), Cardiovasc Res

Reply: CMR Assessment of Myocyte Disarray in HCM: Matching Another Piece in the Puzzle

Journal article

Ariga R. et al, (2019), Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 74

Epigenetic dysregulation in pituitary tumors

Journal article

Shariq OA. and Lines KE., (2019), International Journal of Endocrine Oncology

UK guidelines on the management of iron deficiency in pregnancy.

Journal article

Pavord S. et al, (2019), British journal of haematology

Long term outcomes following parathyroidectomy in patients with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1; a retrospective cohort study

Conference paper

Healy U. et al, (2019), IRISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, 188, S230 - S231

Off-resonance correction for pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling using the optimized encoding scheme.

Journal article

Berry ESK. et al, (2019), Neuroimage, 199, 304 - 312

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