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PEPITEM modulates leukocyte trafficking to reduce obesity-induced inflammation

Journal article

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Career success for women academics in higher education: Choices and challenges

Journal article

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Reversible pH-responsive MRI contrast with paramagnetic polymer micelles.

Journal article

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Metabolic Messengers: glucagon.

Journal article

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Prolyl-tRNA synthetase as a novel therapeutic target in multiple myeloma.

Journal article

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SARS-CoV-2 E protein: Pathogenesis and potential therapeutic development.

Journal article

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Characterization of A Robust Probabilistic Framework for Brain MR Image Data Distributions

Journal article

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Acute Response in the Noninfarcted Myocardium Predicts Long-Term Major Adverse Cardiac Events After STEMI.

Journal article

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Imaging Methods: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Journal article

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