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Ten mAbs that comprised temporary clusters TC5 and TC7, plus an additional mAb, CC171, were compared. All mAbs reacted broadly and stained antigen expressed on thymocytes as well as T and B cells in peripheral blood. The five mAbs CC1, CC171, 2E8, TD14 and TD15 precipitated molecules of 180, 205 and 220 kDa, and we conclude that they recognize the bovine leukocyte common antigen and are BoCD45 mAb. The three mAbs IL-A117, 1C10 and BAGB27A precipitated molecules of 86 and 63 kDa that were broadly expressed. It is proposed that these three mAbs should be regarded as a cluster (named BoWC11 within the Second Workshop) that is distinct from BoCD45. © 1993.

Original publication




Journal article


Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology

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115 - 120